White House Petition: Say "No" to Unending Wars


Please sign if you agree.


We The People have been bankrupted by the unending wars being waged in our name (and with our taxes), by what President Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial complex.

Mr. President, we elected you as a reformer, but it seems that some are pushing and pulling you in directions contrary to the will of We The People. Please remember where you loyalties lie–and to beware the Military-Industrial complex. Our great sovereign nation is depending on you to bring our men and women in uniform home from these unending wars–and to actual vital national interests like the threat to our existence in the virtual dissolution of our border.

Thank you, Mr. President, for all of the great work you, with the help of Almighty God, have done and will do.

May God continue to bless America.


Sadly even if this gets enough signatures nothing will happen. I’ve seen endless petitions both for left wing and right wing things all get well over 100,000 signatures and still nothing is even mentioned about it let along actually done about it.


Costs almost $0 to try, so it’s worth it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Definitely worth trying but I think that’s about all we’ll get out it.


Personally, I don’t agree with their little petition thing. Then again I’m a master skeptic any time the government wants me to tell them something.

I prefer to step up as needed, not when the government asks me. The government needs to do their job, not ask citizens what they think.

I see this petition thing as something other than what they project it to be. If nothing else, it serves as a paper trail. If it was so effective, then why in the world has virtually nothing come out of it?

Government slight of hand. Just a puppet show for the easily amused kids.

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A. You just answered my question of what goes on in K-Street, thank you.
B. In the money pool thread, I asked, what goes on in K-Street and then I saw this thread.
C. It is the K-Street devoted to the Banking and European control families that seek to run world affairs, making laws, running think tanks that start wars and funding the deep state.
D. I would ask for supporting evidence or that of the contrary. Happy Sunday.

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  1. No idea what K street is. Why would you take my word on it?
  2. I don’t observe Sunday Sabbath.
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Thanks man. The President really needs a reminder.

Please share. I don’t have another plan for getting word out except those who’ve shown interest to share the petition link.



I signed and shared to my 9 followers on Twitter



Hopefully this serves as a reminder.

  1. K-Street is about 2 blocks north of the White House in DC running east to west.
  2. Buildings on it look a lot like Wall Street, restaurants look a lot like Paris and there are the best luxury sedans that drive around it into parking garages. K-street is the swamp.
  3. Lobbyists from the banking cartels and the Russian sniper spy girls that tried to infiltrate the Trump Transition team ‘frequented’ offices there on (K-street).
  4. A Rockefeller grandson sponsored all the spy dinners (about 24) with the Russian Spy Girls and they had ‘Russian Retreats’. Some of these retreats resulted in compromise of United Nations members.
  5. If Google practically had an office in the _obama white house, then my bet is that google alphabet is somewhere on k-street buried in a building with an extra large parking garage under it. (PS, could someone correct the Auto Caps on _obama so it doesn’t try to give regard for the worst president the country will ever know?
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Just signed. Hopefully it will get his attention!


Thanks man! It may already have, because he tweeted (a word he’s NEVER used before in a tweet (I searched)) a word that I employ in it: “virtual”.

I think he reads these petitions even if he doesn’t respond to them.