Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Can’t wait to to hear everyone’s insights | :us:

  1. President Trump?
  2. Brad Parscale?
  3. The Trump Family?
  4. Robert David Steele?
  5. Bill Binney?
  6. Hannity?
  7. Alex Jones?
  8. Military Intel?
  9. NSA?
  10. All President Trump + his idea?

(Are known people/players Playing “roles?”)
Ie: “I don’t talk about or believe in Q” but are involved?

  1. Deep State Actors?
  2. A Snowden type?

(this could be seen by Q?)

Been wanting to see what everyone thinks for along time.

Have fun Patriots! :us::pray::us:

  1. A.I

I choose 13.


My guess would be Jared Kushner is involved and some military intelligence. In other words, I think Jared is dictating messages to an agency comms specialist possibly in coordination with Mossad. That is just my take. Take it for what it is worth.


@RealDonaldTrump you are officially my hero for bringing this up. I didnt want to say anything to compromise the OP but i truly believe it is Alex!! I swear i just started a thread on this :wink:


Does this really have to be another thread?


Number 11, Deep State


Discussion is being taken from us, and you want to join in and do that to others? :us:


It doesn’t matter. What’s the purpose of Q?
Don’t brag that your going to save the U.S.A. , just do it.

To me, It’s to get everyone to believe someone secret group is here to save us. We need to save our faith for Jesus and forget this crap.



Q is an inconsequential distraction.




That’s been proven false.


No one is “taking” your discussion. You’ve got at least two threads about the same topic now. Anyway, imo, it’s a pointless bullshit distraction.


Everyone knows it is General Mark Miley


If I’ve touched a nerve @Paladin I apologize.


You didn’t touch a nerve, I just don’t like clutter. :wink:


Don’t worry about it too much.
It’s only been two hours. not everyone is sitting at their keyboards waiting to read and answer every single message. Also, it makes no difference if you make a similar thread. this one is yours, and I see multiple Orange Man bad threads (sometimes by the same fvcking users) every day almost…

No worries.


Thanks Thelsz. :pray: Appreciate your contributions.


And you yours, you’re willing to reach, and be reached.
Without that, what do we have?


Nobody owns a thread. To imagine you do is childish and clutters up the forum, just because you don’t want to post on gasp someone else’s thread.