Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Sums up Q.


This is probably what @TheIsz sounds like when someone makes fun of Trump and ‘Q’



Educated people can provide facts and proof when asked. The fact you’d rather engage in a flame war rather than provide proof of your position is evidence enough of how pathetically gullible you are.


I do, just not to those who choose to reject it. That’s the cost of freewill. No one answers to your demands!


Aww, are your feewings hurty… can’t bully without friends?


Careful guys he’s going to start warning us that he will start flagging us :rofl:


I’ve already said I’m letting the forum see how ugly your hate, fear, envy, and ignorance are!
I’m having a great time :smiley:


Yet you flag people who disagree with you. But that’s what bitches do.


How do you know I will reject it if you don’t provide it? I would be more than willing to evaluate any evidence or “proof” as you put it, but you stubbornly refuse to post anything but a dumb video of two dorks seeing things on TV.


If you think this is bullying, I’d hate to see your reaction to real bullying :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Nah @Ghost_of_Griff, I already tried to get him to claim I was harassing him again, but he’s just too wily to take the bait. lol


You already proved it. :smiley:


He probably voted for tredau, he doesn’t know the difference between feelings and logic


I proved you’re full of shit. Thanks for playing.


You used that excuse before! :smiley:




I’m willing to let the general public see for themselves :smiley:
I’m not the one who needs friends to bully emotions :smiley:
Did you need some more maybe?


I also proved that neither one of your fellow Q-tards have provided one shred of evidence. I guess they can’t be bothered, either?




They don’t answer to you Pally, I know you want everyone to answer to you but no one does :smiley: