Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️



there’s three of you… :smiley:


They don’t have to answer to me. Simply providing proof as a means to attract believers would be enough. But so far, nothing but nonsense. 8 threads of nothing but nonsense. Nothing that could be considered anything vaguely resembling proof of anything.


Yeah taking part of the @TheIsz SHOW which is always a train wreck because of illogical Q nonsense


Then why do you keep expecting people to prove things to you? Those are your words, over and over…
You not doing it right :frowning:


YOu keep saying that… haven’t you convinced yourself yet?
Pity! :smiley:



You claimed “q” was proven. So it should be easy to shut all the skeptics up, by simply showing the proof. But you’d rather have a flame war. Typical moron.


Still no quote of that Pally! You keep pretending! Flame war? there’s three of you!


The only pity here is you. No hate, I actually love you. Your show would be amazing actually because people would treat you like a worthless cum rag and it would be actually funny.


Then why is it ONLY you three and everyone else doesn’t like you as much as I do?


Because shitting on you is fun


There’s your quote. Show the proof of Q “info” being “proven” or GTFO.


I don’t care, I’m showing the forum who you really are.

Hate, fear, and envy are ugly. I’m helping you shine!



See, now you changed your tune.!

No, others already have. and You were told Pally, no one answers to you. :smiley:




Go ahead, everybody sees a complainer out of Canada because they produce that more than maple syrup.


3 on one… odds don’t look good for you :smiley:


Should be easy to provide a link then. I’m genuinely curious to see this “proof”. But we all know you don’t have shit.