Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Is that how you admit being stupid?
Sure !


Does it make your little dick hard to have the last word? Do you get satisfaction from thinking you “won”? LMFAO.


Why is it the same gang that ganged up on Joey is now ganging up on Thelsz.?


Because he’s an obnoxious prick. Constantly provoking fights and derailing threads. He cannot let anything go. It’s hilarious how predictable he is.


Take a look at all their actions and words.
Graphics using my name to abuse, polls, ganging up.
If this was my forum I’d ban them all.


3 on one. YOu guys were the provokers.
You have no argument :smiley:


Have an issue? Here’s a tissue. You are the definition of a crybully.


3 on one. You three are the bullies, and everyone sees it :smiley:


Its history repeating itself. Even a poll.


NO expletives from me, but plenty from them.


You chose to reply to me when I posted a simple question that wasn’t even directed at you. Mind your own fucking business, for a change. But you can’t can you? Because then you couldn’t get off on another internet flame war.


I am the one that replies. I never speak to you otherwise.
Waste of time :smiley:



Hey genius, you replied to me even though I said nothing to you. My post was not directed at you. How short your memory gets when you’ve been humiliated.


Wrong, I only reply to your abuses.
Other uses have even talked to me plenty about it in chat.
Some have tried to tell you. YOu never listen to your own responsibilities.
It’s in writing Pally :smiley:


Holy shit, you are a fucking crybaby. I absolutely did not “abuse” you by saying no one owns a thread. You just cannot handle disagreement, that’s all.


I didn’t say that was how you abused me. You said that.
See that’s what I’m talking about. You can’t even understand reality.


I’m still waiting for you to break out your favorite line, “measure anytime”. LMFAO.


Aw… holding on to it like a warm blankey?
Did it trigger your feewings?


Try to keep up. I know it must be difficult with that extra chromosome and all, but do try. I made a simple statement, and you replied because you cannot bear someone disagreeing with you.