Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Lol, puff out your flat chest some more Pally! :smiley:
I disagree with people no issue all the time.
I don’t think you ever have. you always swear and get triggered.


Keep it up. Let’s show everyone what Q really is. Let’s see is we can get this thread locked as you have other threads before.


More false promises? Never seen you do that ever before have we Pally?


I love how you’ve adopted the language of SJWs. So typical of a soy boy like yourself to project onto others your own tendencies.


I’m only pointing out your own behaviors. Notice how you never take accountability for yourself? Ever?
Everyone else does :smiley:


Ah here it comes, more street corner psychotherapy. This is exactly why everyone here finds you so fucking annoying. Your habit of pretending that you somehow morally superior to others. And you completely miss the irony. lol


It’s in writing, and you prove it religiously. :slight_smile:


You know what? I’ll bet I don’t even have to type something that makes sense. I could type gibberish and your need for having the last word is so strong, you will reply just because you can’t help yourself.


When people speak at / about me, I usually respond. that’s how it works.
Notice I never talk to you first and have even told you several times?
If you did the same there would be no fighting.
It’s all you. :smiley:


Its me, I’m Q…




Maybe not today… But don’t play like you don’t use them… And I definitely have not… :joy::rofl::joy:



Look at this thread. count how many you three against one used.
It could be a DRINKING GAME YAY!
Higher ground is under my feet :smiley:



@TheIsz reply in 3…2…1


Why did you tag me first Pally?
You did tag me right?


lol :rofl::rofl::rofl: 20 characters


Still takes no responsibility for instigating. Imagine my shock.


Hey @TheIsz tuyewotewytewpytwetewyithewpfehfewhepwuutew


Hey Pally, why did you tag me first again?
Why are you actively trying to provoke?
That is you tagging me right? Not an imposter?