Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


I didn’t say anyone owned it, those are your words. Whomever makes it, it’s their thread. So If I say it’s their thread, I’m clearly saying they created it.
There isn’t enough time for a new user today to go back and read through everything that’s already been posted.
Also, I understand you like things ‘tidy’ in this forum, but it’s the admin’s forum, no one else’s right?


Regardless if you meant “yours” to imply ownership or creation, who gives a fuck who created it? Is it so important to have a thread that’s “yours”? Are others not good enough? Or do you want to artificially inflate the importance of the topic by making posts about the same thing when 1 or even 2 will suffice?

Apparently you are the one, as usual, misconstruing my words. I never said the forum was mine. I simply said I don’t like clutter. Is it alright with you if I express an opinion? No one needs to “go back and read through everything”. That’s why we have a handy search function. The same one I used to pull up 6 fucking threads on the same topic.

  1. Military Intel and I can’t wait for Hillary to go to jail.


Why are you swearing for? Can’t handle a disagreement without it?
It matter who created it because if someone joins today and they don’t read every post because they simply physically can’t their probably going to make a thread similar to someone elses. You don’t seem to like the idea of that too much but that’s how it is. That’s why it kinda matters.

No one said ANYTHING about ownership. that’s ONLY you saying that as a strawman. Why are you persisting?

There’s going to be multiple threads about the same topic from time to time, it doesn’t matter if anyone likes it or doesn’t. How each person deals with it is up to them to settle with.

I’m not misconstruing your words, we already proved you did by claiming “ownership” and yet only you used that word. Projecting isn’t very nice. I didn’t say you said those words, but yeah you did say you don’t like clutter… but if I walked into someone else’s house and I said “I don’t like clutter” expectantly, I would fully expect being told to leave. It’s not my house.

Yea we have a search function, but everyone is different, and maybe they haven’t used it, or didn’t think of it.
Less griping and more understanding would go a long way I think


Because I fucking enjoy it. If it helps, you don’t have to read it, and it will make sense just the same.

I get that you absolutely get off on being combative. But at least be accurate if you’re going to make accusations. Persisting? You mean pointing out that you are deliberately trying to misconstrue what I said, as is your habit? I didn’t claim to own anything. You are the one claiming people who create threads somehow own them. Review the meaning of “yours” in case you forgot.

Keep in mind I only asked if this had to be another thread, then I was accused of helping to “take” the discussion away by asking a simple question. My post was not even directed at you, yet you sensed conflict and of course had to jump at the opportunity.

It may not be “my” house, but we all contribute to make this a place for organized discussion. Asking if this has to be another thread is pretty polite, I think, but don’t expect me to not respond if someone’s going to accuse me of “taking” your discussion away, whatever the fuck that means.


And what are you building with that? a positive environment or a selfish one?

Combative? from the person nitpicky with OCD? lol

I didn’t bother reading the rest of your post because of your suggestion (thanks). I can’t be bothered when the priority is more about b*tching the building.


Asking why yet another thread about a stupid topic is necessary is hardly being nitpicky.


No one asked you. no one else cared. And other’s behaviors aren’t in your control. YOu can’t even control yourself.



Alex said on the air recently that he thinks Q is Jerome Corsi. Actually would make some sense.


Q = gay
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Question: What do I think Q is?

Answer: What has Q produced in the time we have seen it?
Was there any convictions of Hillary, Deep State?
Did the country save any money?
Was the public informed of any wrongdoing that was proved?
Did Q just distract or waste the time of everyone reading it?

Deep state/MK-ultra video game labyrinth-time waster.

I hope you people are really considering protecting yourselves since
deep state and communio-democrats are writing laws to register you
using AI and Google Glass recording and take away your guns.


Two threads not bad compared to all the other same topics that have about ten threads.


There are seven or eight threads on the same stupid topic, not just two.




See that’s at least five of the same topics with different threads.


Whoever Q actually is, I feel safely ensconced by it. It will be interesting to look back. Thanks Q! :us::fireworks:


@Salty I recommend IPOT. Great humour to go with the intel drops.


I don’t follow the drops, I’m enjoying the show! :blush:

But thanks! I would get lost if I followed it too closely.


You can see who “Q” is by clicking on the numbered links at qanon.pub and you will see many posts by many personalities who add to each of the final posts.