Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Are you still talking about something?

No, I know English better than you do as you’ve proven by blaming me for your behaviors. :smiley:


Still abusing? Sure, I’ll let everyone see how friendly this community is by your abuses.
This forum will never get users.
Your call :smiley:


Don’t be crybabying to @artsyneva just cause she knows how stupid this whole thing is…

She’s probably the best one of us all!!

That being said… You know how to make it stop?



twenty characters
Just Kidding I’m not Q
But if you go way back to the beginning, you might get a clue.


@TheIsz lol 20 characters


I have to ASK, Why continue Responding then? I mean what is the point… consider NO one has made a point for the last 50+ posts already…

I don’t know… I just don’t get it…


You first.
I’m wasting more people’s time than I am losing.
I still win anyways.


I waste more people’s time than I lose.
I’m not the person that needs to learn. :smiley:


Is completely RETARDED but have at it…



He really considers this winning…

Oh yeah he rides the Trump train… Nevermind :thinking:



40%20AM serveimage-16


Yep. still wasting more people’s time than I’m losing :smiley:


@TheIsz 20 characters


Yep, still saving more time


That’s because you’re a loser with nothing better to do :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I’ve actually walked away from this over the course of hours and you’re still here like you have been ALL DAY!! loser!!! :roll_eyes:


@TheIsz 21 characters


I’m doing other things. I’m only here when I get instigated.
So… nope!


How exactly dose that work? I am only curious, I would say that the time is being Wasted Equally…

I won’t waste any of mine on it, but I do try to understand it…


Yep, still saving more time! :slight_smile:


more of them than me :smiley: