Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


Think you’re the first? I’ve never expected different my entire life.
I haven’t and I’ve taken it. My will is stronger.


Still saving time yay!


The funny thing is, I can stop any time. You can’t. I can confidently predict you will reply to everything I post. You can’t help yourself. You actually think having the last word, replying to someone typing gibberish to you is “winning”. Are you ready for your victory? lol


I can stop anytime too :slight_smile: I don’t have to.
It’s not having the last word.

You’re intentionally and personally abusing. Everyone with any soul in the world will agree with me.


Wanna bet on that? I bet you will reply. So you may think you’ve won, but you will only prove me right. lol


Still saving time weee :smiley:


I dont know now, @TheIsz It’s 1 on 1… Seems NOW your wasting time equally…

LOL, Just say’n :wink:


Bigger picture being provoked in multiple threads.
To which it seems still only I’m accountable, despite much completely inappropriate behavior by others who have been hounding me as a gang.
Nope still winning. And No, if it’s okay to harass and bully.
All the harassment I’ve been given, I’ve already taken, because I have never expected different, because no one’s done me any favors. It’s not new. Been there, done that
With all respect, I’m innocent.
Of all of it.


Bet you reply!


@theisz Bet you’ll reply again lol


Because you keep provoking. :smiley:And only because of you. no one else


You know what’s interesting? That I control when you stop. lol


No. you think you do, but you’re provoking. I can take my time, as long as I want.
I have time. You got time? How much time?


Good, then prove me wrong. Keep replying after I stop. lol


Still winning :slight_smile: Nothing changes


Keep replying, slave. I control when you stop.


Nope, I stop because I want to or dead, you’ll probably stop first, or if you do out live me, I still will never back down to abuse.
I’ve never stopped getting it you see.
Not new.


Nope, as long as I reply, you will do as you’re told and reply to me.


Still being provoked. and winning.
Actions > Words.
I don’t need your approval


Reply again, bitch. Do as you’re told.