Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️




  1. having meaning.
  2. having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.
    synonyms: significant, relevant, important, consequential, material, telling, pithy, weighty, valid, worthwhile,


Just posted by Q just now, the latest Q brief:

better layout - same Q feed: https://qmap.pub/


@Paladin you do know you have the ability to not click on a thread? Are we not allowed to speak our minds or are you a censor bot?


Why do you have to assert yours?

No reason to accuse me of censorship for merely asking if this needs to be a duplicate thread. Complain to the ones accusing me of censorship for asking a fucking question.


Why are you so angry dude? Who the fuck cares if there are multiple threads. Does it really bother you so much that you have to make it an issue? We need to stay focused and stop this bullshit bickering. Even if you don’t believe in Q or any of that. Where We Go One We Go All is more then just his signature tag. Its a movement and we need to move forward together.


Regardless of your bitternes towards us i still love all legal citizens of our great nation and thats you included. We are in this together. Stay focused and KEEP AMERICA GREAT.:ok_hand:t2:


The fact you accuse me of censoring you for asking a fucking question speaks worlds about your intelligence or lack thereof. I wouldn’t devote 10 seconds to this “Q” bullshit. It’s clearly a distraction. Disagree? Fine, tell me one productive result of the “Q” movement. What has changed since he/she/ze swept onto the scene?


Are you a russian troll bot lol im done with this arguement. Just move on and stay focused.


education is each individual’s responsibility. Especially when there’s no excuse or shortage of info.




Q sucks donkey balls.


Your entitled to your opinion! Why donkey balls though?


Ment to get the conspiracy community to fight. My vote is for a 12 year old in mommy’s basement.


Sean Hannity supports Q. :smiley:


That’s cool bro! Do you think I care who supports who?


Man there are alot of tryhards on this forum. Still love INFOWARS and am willing to look past tryhards.



Q info has already been proven :slight_smile:




Proven? lol. How? Let’s see your “proof”.