Who do You think "Q" is..are...? 🕵️


So glad Jeff sessions saved us


DO it yourself, the info is there.
I tried to talk, you’re not interested, you only want to lord.
have fun crying and being left behind :slight_smile:


Ive decided to reapond with random imagery…noone gets mad at random imagery…


Jeff was a cuck from the start


Could’ve sworn that was the Q narrative.


LMFAO. You’ve got nothing. Of course you’d tell me to “do it” myself. You have no proof. You can’t provide it, you can’t articulate it. It doesn’t exist.


O idk…the indictments being unsealed. Thats kind of a big deal. He called it a week ago lol


Q has said more than 1 thing.
Glad you’re stuck in the past though :slight_smile:


Sure it does, you just can’t comprehend it. So sad!


Let’s say there is someone making predictions that are coming true. Big fucking deal. What is the end result? Is anything changing as a result? No. So what is the fucking point in maintaining interest?

Have there been any clear, overt predictions that have been made? Not cryptic bullshit, but a clear, obvious prediction?


Was it in a picture of a clock?


Hello folks.

Some of Q appears to be like fortune cookies. Who is Q? Don’t know. But we have plenty of bigger things to worry about.



Clock without an L…duh…


Hate makes you ugly… that’s why you only have followers and no friends. :frowning:


Not your friends…


Hi @TheIsz


Joey, go back to steemit.


Now he loves animals :joy:



Least I didn’t throw my life away and cry like a baby.