Who is going to Portland to confront the evil known as Antifa?


Enough is enough…“It is better to live with honor than die in shame” these soyboy ninja’s have gone too far. I am coming to Portland to stand up to these elitist bullies and they WILL be put in their place if they try to be violent. Time for everybody who’s anybody anybody to stand up to pure evil and stand up for the United States and the conservative values that it was founded upon. Time to unmask these cowards and zip tie their scrawny asses…or if they hit us first “self defense” if ya know what I mean.

Who will join me??

Good News Thread!

Your an idiot… Just saying…

PS: Go by yourself we will meet your there… :slight_smile:





So easy to sit back and make commentary…

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I’m not going to be there to brawl with people for no reason…if I am engaged or I see injustice and innocent people taken advantage of then I will react. It’s very easy to try to troll others @Bingozee but there comes a point where REAL Men decide to step up…and if you’re gonna be a spectator and not get involved then please keep your foul mouth shut. Thanks!






Stop trying to talk big, you’re just sounding stupid.

I am sorry dumb people find logic, rational thinking as if its some kind of new method to trolling, but I did mention your also just an idiot right… but I guess maybe I was wrong, and your actually a stupid idiot.

Lol just because others have qualities that make them much wiser and better people don’t mean we are just sitting back making comments, it’s that we are not just stupid fucking idots, FANS or fools running out in the streets…

Want to make a difference, protest your police for inaction, file complaints, make reports, none of you morons are willing to do that, but so eager to put people at risk for your own ego and weak mindset, fragile emotional instabilities and other interpersonal inadequacy.

I am sorry, but I find it very difficult to agree with idots and their stupidity, fans and their dumbfuckry… also I say these things in general and not necessarily to you only @KingOfTheYinzers but also to all the other stupid fucking idots.

And I admit I am name calling, but if your bothered by what text says, then your definitely a bigger threat to the average citizen then Antifa or a corrupt government…

Stop trying to be pretend Patriots and toy soldiers, your all just making Antifa and violence a much bigger problem and threat to the average person with an IQ and attitude greater than that of 5 year old.

Funny hearing lemmings call others trolls.

Let me repeat the question…

Think Critically.

PS: Consider your ALL just putting POLICE persons LIVES in DANGER for WHAT?? your Rally?! There Life is Expandable and means nothing in comparison to your complaint, and that Your willing to put them and others at Risk Also ?

You and all involved should be CHARGED if anything happens to a Police officer or Citizen… All of you should be HELD accountable…

Can you Agree??


Out of line Bingo calling stupid. It would help if you put the date if you ask who else is coming, let alone a brief description not every is hard wired to the show and everything. I think it would be great if Antifa was outnumbered by hundreds of MAGA hats



There are plenty of other ways of “acting” rather than irrationally.


I think it would be better if their out numbered by “Authority” not rallying, rioting irrational fans and fanatics, “idots”.

It’s just “Gang” stalking…


First, we don’t need any more conflict among ourselves. THAT is the only stupidity I see here.

Now, I agree that going to this AntiFa strong hold just to entice a confrontation is as stupid as it gets. I told all of you once already, @JoeBiggs is a pussy and is looking to prove something to himself. Maybe something happened to him while he was out of country. I don’t know nor do I care.

What I DO know is that I’ve seen this type of behavior before. All it does is feed fodder into the enemies trap. Let’s face it @JoeBiggs ain’t the smartest bulb on the tree. Neither is @OwenShroyer for going along with this BS. You want to really make a difference? Don’t go to these events and give them a target.

There is a way to deal with these people. They are right in front of you every day. They wear that black hoodie everywhere. They stand out like a street walking whore at a Sunday pick-nic.
Get your crew together and get them alone. Make it perfectly clear their behavior will NOT be tolerated. Put the fear of GOD into these twits with a blanket party.

“It’s the Chicago way”

Read “Rules for Radicals”… It’s their bible! Once you know and understand their tactics, counter them with unadulterated fear.


How, by behaving the same…

Come on @Hollywood it’s not rocket science here…

“Evil can not diminish evil, rather it only works to embolden it”

No matter our “Good” intentions.


Go take your pacifist ass and stick your head back in the sand. Men are talking here.
I see your puss gut Cheetos stuffed face all over the place. It is painfully obvious that you don’t care for yourself enough to even get some exercise.

On the other hand, this is me at 40. Go the fuck away.



You mean fools are babbling… but your right, you are definitely more a “Man” then I, I am Human.

PS: nothing I have said or posted is “pacifist”, but rather rational, logical and what should already be common sense…

PSS: I am 6’ 210 with nearly zero body fat, and have been authentically active for over 30 years of conditioning, I am sure you would be nothing more then a wet paper bag in comparison.

But I live by a simple principle and understanding.

“If you know you can destroy them, don’t”

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Stop “Indoctrinating” yourself… simple

We should also consider and respect people who argue against rationality as irrational.


Pardon me… I got you confused with THIS pus gut


But that STILL doesn’t negate the fact that your stance will only embolden AntiFa.

If you’re such a badass, put up or shut up! Post photo below.

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Lol… if you say so… I am not posting to argue, rather I am posting to those whom choose rational, logical, more realistic and critical thinking above all other things…

Admittedly very few in this community… unfortunately, apparently and obviously.