Who wants to create an industry. Like. Make an independent platform to broadcast news like infowars


Creating a YouTube channel is not making an independent platform to broadcast news.


No one is reading that. Relax with the caps and format your shit. Also, like, the OP doesn’t sound serious.


I’m guessing were a little light on coders in the infocomms? Buy a website domain and start uploading videos and make it user friendly. Invite friends to visit and spread the website until you can pull money in somehow. Format an app that interfaces with the website be sure to allow for individual accounts and everything ect. I’m sadly not a coder or anything like that.


I have a buddy at www.patriot.hosting that might be able to help out if you want to do something similar to Infowars…


I would be interested in helping out in such an operation. I’m more of a technical resource to get things going, video servers, contact forms, server and database setup. You’ll need a separate resource to make things look pretty, that’s not my department


I like where your head is, however if this is going to be talked about you have to understand that the big tech companies own all of the data centers where all of our online activity and sites are from. You’d have to have a server in your own place in the bath room Clinton style and then get people to ping your IP address. For us that aren’t ready to tackle something that size…

What if…on the same day a whole bunch of us get infowars streaming on public tv’s, over the radio waves by broadcasting with FM and AM transmitters, it would have to be huge. Anyway just thoughts.


Sadly I’m just a warehouse guy with ideas. I’ve got no aptitude for any of this. In order to keep from being sued id make something as close to YouTube as possible.


That’s the only good way to do it now. Guaranteed, youtube won’t let you monetize your vids. Better to make your own blog.


I agree, we need massive civil disobedience against big tech companies. I had/have a tool that can mass upload infowars videos to Facebook. But my API keys were pulled when I got banned. It was a grandfathered app, and unfortunately cannot create another like it without going through app approval. Anyway, I think if we had lots of people uploading bulk volumes of daily show clips, especially on days where MSM is really showing their ass and Infowars is making a good example of them, we could wake up…millions a week


Ok ok now we’re talking, and you are right. We are going to have to have to start operating outside the normals rules. The left has broken the social contract and operates totally outside the law now. So I have a question for you. Could you build tool that replicates the process for uploading the live stream to youtube? If hundreds of computers all over the country could download it and run it at the same time it’d be a good start on YouTube but, we have to launch everything all at the same time. Youtube uploads by the thousands, FM/AM broadcasts, maybe even some giant reader board signs. What do you think?


I’ve thought about it actually. a streaming platform like twitch right?


That’d probably be the next step at this point. The biggest question is going to be the bandwidth, and that is actually where Net Neutrality comes into play, believe it or not.


Yes, definitely, in fact here is the documentation for it: https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/

The question is going to be how much will they let us get away with without having the app keys “approved”. However, we can also develop ways to automate existing video uploading tools, effectively using another app’s keys to give us some “app immunity” - not to be confused with protection from the accounts being banned.

Facebook allows you to use the API without approval all you want, but the posts are private and only visible to yourself. They changed this only after August 2018 after being under Cambridge analytics publicity. Will have to research and see if Google has done anything like that


.tv is what I’d go with. With my plans I plan on creating a news blog website with links proving everything.


If we knew about project Dragonfly we’d probably would already have operating systems for phones and computers set up. Hell maybe a line of computers and a different form of internet in order to get around all this with enough time to spare.


Check out SailFish OS for smartphones, I’ve been strongly considering it


Has anyone considered also using a bittorrent client like BitLord? If decentralization is important…


I’ll take a look into that @Paladin @eliteproxy. I’m interested.


Not available in the us. Not open source either.


Found this. I’ll look into these linux systems for smartphones.