Who would win a 2nd Civil War in America?




I am back, took a little time off to recharge and regroup, I found this interesting piece and felt it was time to put it to use. I see they did some remodelinig here, they get rid of the leftists and self promoters?


I agree with this assessment, I think John Mark has really covered the bases, we need to start thinking of the future, we need to push forward, and have children, conservatives have to breed the future leaders of a divided continental America…an America where CONSERVATIVES and Whites have their part of country, and the immigrants and racist minorities have theirs. it’s TIME! We need to become more forward thinking, this WAR is as certain as death and taxes!


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Quoted for the record.

You need to take your white supremacist garbage somewhere else.


China, Iran, and Russia win in U.S. Civil War 2.0

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A US civil war would be within the US. A civil war is a conflict within a country. It does’t involve foreign countries.

What you describe is effectively a world war.


Nope, I know exactly what Civil War means and I still stand by my comment.

Although, I may also add Mexico and Saudi Arabia as possible winners in a U.S. Civil War.

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I agree. No AMERICAN would win in another Not so " Civil " war. We would all lose in the end. The " war " among ourselves would weaken the economy, weaken our defenses against foreign powers, and leave us like sitting ducks for the enemy to pick off after we made fools of ourselves.

I am of mixed race. German, Cherokee. I have nieces and nephews that are mixed race. Some mixed with black, some mexican, some asian. I would side with them any day, and take people like you out in a heartbeat. People like you are the problem here in America whether they are white or any other color of the rainbow.

Don’t clump conservatives, Christians in with your ignorant racist trash talk.


I think what he means is that China, Russia etc win if we fight amongst ourselves…

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