Who's ready for a grid down scenario?


I’m just curious, how many people have the ability to make their own power. Will you have power in a grid down scenario? And do you have the means to protect that source of power? This thread isn’t so much to ask who has the ability but to make people aware that they should have the ability to produce their own power, and if so how? Do you have generators that use natural gas, propane, diesel, standard gas or solar? And what would be best for YOU! Let’s talk about it, power is essential in today’s world. Even if you have something small just to charge up some phones and/or a laptop.


I live in the woods and trees fall on the power lines all the time. A diesel generator and…


Same here bro, I’m saving up some money for a military diesel gen set. I have generators for everything but diesel right now. The place I work at has tons of military generators so I’m going to buy one from them but I made this post so we can talk about different gen sets and what will work best for people based on where they live. The thread you linked to I know we talked about some generator stuff but I want this thread mostly to help people that don’t have generators get generators or at least a generator. If the grid goes down for an extended time we need our people to still have access to power. Most people don’t realize how important it is till it’s gone.


I live in a very small town. Almost everyone here is prepared due to crappy infrastructure. We lose power quite often. Also 95% Christian/Conservative Trump supporters. No high speed interwebs.


Same here but this post isn’t so much for people like us, more for people near the cities.

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Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on a solar generator?
The Infowars store used to carry a really nice one but it isn’t on the store page any longer.
I have gas generators both diesel and gasoline but when the gas is gone you won’t have power.
The solar one I saw produced no sound and no exhaust fumes which I think would be a good tactical advantage.
If nobody can hear it or smell the exhaust from it they won’t come looking for it.


Bringing info together…

This video needs to be archived in case youtube decides to take down.

You can buy the guide off IWS below. Link for DVD in description of item below.


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What’s your wattage range?

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I have a 50W solar panel on a small sun tracker. It is not very portable. I also have a thermo-electric generator (TEG) that can produce < 10W from a fire or BBQ grill but it is less portable than the solar panel.



I can get by with 5000 watts. I mainly want it to keep refrigeration purposes. I’ve got diesel and gas generators but like I said when the fuel is gone power goes away. I also think fuel is going to quite a commodity to have on hand.
I would rather run a solar generator and save the fuel for other purposes.


That’s pretty cool! And welcome to the site!!! :smiley:


Yeah solar is a lot nicer since you don’t have to worry about gas and it’s basically silent. A 5kW one will be pricey though, I have few places to look. I’ll check them out and link you to the best ones.

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I appreciate that buddy!! :+1:


I also made copies from a DIY site showing how to make your own home system. The system can run your entire household for up to 5 days just from the reserve power in your battery room.
The biggest expense was the price of the mono crystalline panels and the batteries. Everything else you need can be acquired from an electrical supply warehouse where the electricians shop.
Two guys that are have a mechanical mind and are good with tools could put it together in a weekend. The cost was approx. $4300.00 for all the materials you would need. It also came with a complete wiring diagram and it was even color coded.
I’ll see if I can find that site and send you the link.


That’s probably around what you would pay for a reliable 5kW solar generator

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That’s what I figured. But it may be worth it if you have E&E out the area in a hurry to your secondary location.


MyPatriotSupply online store. You can buy food that has a 25 year shelf life and it’s super affordable too! Also check out 4Patriots Portable Chargers, Patriot Flashlights etc…

  1. Just look at what happened during the shutdown. I saw a good number of Virgina, Washington DC and other cars heading up to remote areas. The rats were fleeing their cages.

  2. A person needs to recognize that during a blackout it is automatically martial law and if you aren’t armed, you are going to be toast.

  3. I have tried to wake many people up about this and one good thing is that I see a record number of gun purchase background checks for several months this 2019.


This solar gen set looks really good but it isn’t cheap. Most of the places I know to look for this stuff all seems to Max out at 3kW. This one is a 5kW though.

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