Why hasn't anyone made a great Infowars discord channel ?!?


After viewing this site after moa or whatever called into the war room yesterday
I have to say this forum lacks focus and organization
I’m new here so if I’m wrong let me know :joy:

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We have, Many…


I’ve search plenty of times before for a great discord channel to join but have had no luck

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This is the official infowars discord I saw posted somewhere.



Well I suppose there are many fakes out there

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They come and go like the members of this community, We are still only 360+ member’s here, but that which only top 50 are active, while the majority sit idol and dormant.

Discord channels have come and gone the same… Some have even proven to cause a grater calamity, so rather then using Telegram, Skype or other platforms, we tend to migrate back to INFOCOMMS.

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Infocomms isn’t really that user friendly imo


that one is official infowars, its connected to the official Alex Jones subscribestar too


Welcome in. :slight_smile:

There have been Discord forums tried, but many are infested with the same hogwash you’ve heard about within the past week and likely seen when lurking through here. There’s a decent one I’m a part of, but not my call as to whether you may join.

As for the organization, if you’re comparing to PHPBB forum organization, Ithere’s not much Infowars has to do with that, as this was the software system selected. Once you figure out how to use it properly to suit your needs, it becomes much easier.


Look for the God Empire Trump discord, it’s not bad.




Multiple ones were made but probably none are “great.”


That’s mostly what I have experienced


As I am also new to info comms, I have found so far to look for groups that are close to where you live. Call them FEMA regions. If you are looking for activism or preparedness oh, you need not be reaching out Nationwide. Think local…and I’m sure you understand, there are too many keyboard warriors out there.



There are FEAM Regions as “CATEGORIES” on this site.

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Excellent Alex has a discord. Thanks for showing that to us

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There wasn’t or isn’t for FEMA region IV

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Seems to be there now… Though to mention these where only added recently so many have NO or very few POSTS to them for the moment.


I know, because I just created it.