Will Obama's arrest trigger a civil war?


As much as I want Obama to go to under the jail for treason if he gets arrested I think the left will trigger a hot civil war. Obama was their God and no matter how much evidence about his treason comes out the media will lie about the whole thing. I’m worried that this will be the last straw for the left.


One could only hope. I’m sorry, but if it’s gonna happen please make it soon. Sounds mean I know,but I have selfish reasons I guess.


At the same time it kind of seems like for a lot of liberals he became old news really quickly with all these new rising democratic ‘superstars’. I’d count on them turning it into a race thing though, for sure. But I agree with benoaks in the sense that I kind of feel like not enough people are ever going to stand up and try to do something until it comes to the point of civil war. They did a fantastic job of making sane Americans just not feel like its dire enough until push come to shove.


Let them. They can be known forever as the aggressors.


I agree. What happens next would be justified.


I’m not worried about us losing, I’m worried about what the deepstate might have up their sleeve to trigger a civil war or a societal collapse before they go down.


Societal collapse is obvious: Nukes. Civil war you’ve been seeing brewing for the past few decades.


Obama is not going to be arrested.


The Force Awakens

First, we already live in a world of civil wars, of divide, especially in America, and especially in the realm of information wars, which means that the left will continue to attack other people regardless of whether we leave Obama alone or not. You can’t stop them. Even after the end of the fake Russian Delusion Investigation, they continue to fight us. Trump tried too much to make peace with them for too many years.


Secondly, when Obama is arrested, that will be weaponized by the left just like everything is used to fight against our republic. But we are winning and we can continue to win as long as enough people stay as involved as possible in red pilling people, in everything. It is an uphill battle. But regardless, civil war will continue to get bigger and bigger regardless of whether Obama is arrested or not, meaning we might as well take out the trash while everything is stinky and stinking all over the place.




If he does get Arrested, and they do start, then so be it. I feel we’re in one now, there’s major division, Conservatives have bee physically and verbally assaulted for almost 3 years, let’s just get it poppin and get it over with. Owen just got assaulted twice, I don’t like what I see, but I feel it’s inevitable, how can this get any better before getting worse? The Communist’s are very psychically active in Canada too, what comes next after a jussie smollette?


It’s only going to get worse. One way or the other they are going to try to trigger a societal collapse or a hot civil war. The crime cabal has been exposed. Whether we arrest Obama and others and start treason trials or not.


No it won’t, the left has a short memory. They won’t care

  1. This is a think tank kind of question, really, it can consume a person.
    1.1 But, I will reduce it to something so we all can positively help each other.
  2. Every sane lawful American needs
    to be able to protect themselves and their families.
    Buy your firearms Now before it is too late.
  3. When we are able to protect ourselves,
    we will be psychologically prepared for whatever happens.


Trigger a hot civil war you mean? I should think not.


At this rate would civil war be bad? Hundreds of thousands of illegals entering the us monthly, Patriots getting assaulted across the country. If this fight kicks off it needs to before we lose more gun rights.


In the mind of leftists who think Trump is Hitler, could it get any worse than that? If Trump already colluded with Russia according to NPC bots, then would arresting Obama be that much oatmeal badder? Maybe a little for some of the leftists, and maybe in some ways. But generally speaking, most of the shock and awe of making Trump worse is mostly gone. First, they expose us to violence, sex, 50 shades of subjectivity morality, etc, etc, on television, in movies, at school, etc, during most of the 1900’s, in many countries around the world. Secondly, they began calling people like Trump and Alex Jones racist and a Dark Heart, etc, etc. So, they desensitize the left from caring as everything sucks already to leftists in many regards. The left still say they care, but they kind of don’t as they become more desensitized to Trump and to objectivity (truth) and to everything.

Long story short, many hard-core leftists begin to become more apathetic, ignorant, arrogant, about Trump, about how abortion is murder (since they don’t care if it is murder or not), about the value of having a male and female parent at home, about many different things, traditional values that have been working in many countries or places around the world for thousands of years. We already have a civil war and we have to get more serious about it, more and more, each day, and the good news is that some of us are doing more and more each day. That is the good news. If you are doing everything you can each day, then you should be able to sleep well each night. As long as you are trying your best each day, that’s all the oatmeal you can fit in your bowl.


I really love oatmeal. But all oatmeal aside, this is not the time for a hot civil war.


Who cares if they go hot, itll be over in a few days and we will finally be rid of the radical left.


Maybe rioting or looting, I doubt a civil war. The unarmed segment of the population against the well armed segment of the population won’t be much of a war. I bet they smash a Starbucks window then return later for a few soy Latte’s