Will Obama's arrest trigger a civil war?


I think if there is a civil war it won’t be like the first civil war where its the north vs the south. lt will be a free for all of looting and killing. We don’t have uniforms so there will be accidental friendly fire. I think the war of the left vs the right will be a divide and conquer plan to trick Americans into destroying our own country. When this happens China, the EU and other countries can move in militarily and the border will be rush like never before when people in South America find out that you can come to America and loot stores. Not to mention the globalist have emps and bio weapons that can turn America into an anarchist state.


if by civil war, you mean, inner city dwellers rioting, smash and grabbing and pulling white pople out of cars like Reginald Denny, then yes. If you mean libtards kitting up and marching on DC, then nooo.


A hot civil war instigated by “the right” would look much different, a targeted culling of globalists, politicians and corrupt three letter federal agencies. Whereas a hot civil war instigated by the left would be chaos, race war, untargeted and an excuse to engage in petty crimes.


I don’t think he will be arrested. I mean look at Hillary still trucking along with no issues.


Here is what I am seeing:

  1. any cooperation or assembly of Patriots that is foreseen by the tech-masters has already been culled. Any movement has been cut off on social media. This extends into our government including the supply of any information a Patriot might need to make connections.
    1.1 News media is attempting to completely mask and divert any Patriotic response using MK-Ultra cia diversion techniques complete with drugged actors on news outlets.
  2. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Patriots to prepare for a complete blackout of communications, shadow banning and any use of the internet, media and cell communications that might help Patriots in a civil war. Note that the Leftists would be able to use these through back doors.
  3. You appear to be trained in your skills, so I won’t belabor that.
  4. Your strategy is to be appreciated, I would not telegraph too much, but if is subterfuge that you are doing, Bravo !


To point 3, it’s important to diversify your communications infrastructure as much as possible. There are many methods and all of them are regulated. So, it’s important to keep in mind that there are various methods to secure lanes of communication but none are truly secure.

  1. Yes, agree with your statement about additional conduits.
  2. On a tangent waaay out there…Just last night, I had a Bull-sht dream and wondered if a particle beam was used to induce some crap into my consciousness.


On point #2, I really doubt that. hahahaha


Whatever it takes… bring the Civil War on.


Well, you guys have fun with that. I will pass on the civil war.


They have no true convictions, and most of their supporters are just deceived by euphemisms and doublespeak. When it comes time to risking their life, they’d be forced to hear the opposition speak, and they will not willingly die for the globalist project. It is pure opportunism for most of the supporters, they support it because they think that winning is inevitable. The second it is made clear that it won’t be winning, the left will lose more than half their support.

This is why HRC’s campaign message was “she’s definitely going to win anyway”, it’s the only way they can keep supporters. If the roll out is handled properly, we could get through this without it getting any worse than it’s recently been for us. Even if we handled it very badly, and protests erupted, they would sputter out as fast as we could get out the counter messaging. This is because they’d have lied to all the protesters to get them to show up, and broad support will fall flat when it is exposed, especially with the officials backing it up.

You may need to pre-emptivally speak with school administrators, provide a carrot and stick if necessary. Any activity organized by anyone working or associated with the school will result in a financial loss. This isn’t about liberties, this about the proper role of education that we all are forced to pay for. If students do things on their own, they must be forced to do everything off campus, no pamphleting no nothing. We didn’t set these rules, our enemies politicized every aspect of society, and now we are forced to go places we don’t like to get us all out.

Additionally cutting the sources of funding for the globalist activities should be fully investigated. I don’t know what might work, but much of their support is paid staff. if this is done, even the chance of disruptive protest becomes very slim.

I highly doubt Obama would be that stupid that he actually gave the criminal orders, I’d suspect he’d operate more like a mob boss. Punishing those who follow the law, and rewarding those who break it for the donor’s agenda.

What happened cannot ever be allowed to happen, and the responsible parties must face justice, there are no liberties without a nation checking the actions of the state. This cannot happen if the state is managing elections, effectively destroying the nation by thwarting the true will of the citizenry.


No civil war if it is done wisely. Say for instance go after the Obama lawyer first as the people hate lawyers in general. Then let the lawyer sing. Oh yeah Obama’s lawyer just got charged. He’s warming up those windpipesright now.


Let me just say, I am not going to believe anything is about addressing our concerns, until it gets very specific about what was done to the Trump campaign and the American people.

Anyone who broke other laws has no business being held to account for them, if we cannot hold the largest to account. I also strongly suspect a cover up still might be happening, and if nothing is to come from this we can all rest easy knowing our fight has only begun.

We NEED to know who is still operating as a neo-con, they must be removed from power, as they will pretend to lead the investigation while covering tracks.




We have a stay behind network that will quickly find new globalist leadership if Obama is removed, the whole network needs to be purged.


Agreed. The entire network needs to be taken out. Cabal and all.


Yea, it harms us more than it helps us, read what the times says.

I will go ballistic if we’re taking out guys who betrayed the neo-cons, and calling this the rule of law. This is a continuation of the Mueller investigation, I’m very far from happy, just to say the least. I’m even angrier that it was presented deceptively to us.

How many investigations are happening now in the DOJ? How many get to serve the executive branch as intended, and how many get commandeered from places of cloaked power? I don’t care if special interests bought a majority of congressmen, that doesn’t make a legitimate nation.

Their version of rule of law is a damn fraud, it’s only the rule of law for their enemies and us plebeians. The investigation was 100% illegitimate, I oppose now going after a couple crony democrats so the DNC can pretend it was about enforcing the law.


No doubt!!! very frustrating.
Did you see this thread? This InsigniaGate is news to me. Seems like lots of heads will role soon.

I sure hope so or we will never recover. $15 Trillion Money Laundered.

The 2008 market crash was a freaking lie. Tones of money being passed around.


No, our enemies are NOT giving up, they are going after loose ends. We are not in control, and we are not winning.


Like Obama said… America is like steering a huge ship. It is going to take time to fix things.

I see a 40% chance we can fix things but that 60% is a huge 60%.