Will Obama's arrest trigger a civil war?


We can’t if half the activists on this forum are managed by our enemies, with the goal of intentionally undermining us. They were here long before any of us, and that is where this starts, not out there in wider politics.

It begins right here knowing what went wrong, how we fix it, and how we ensure it stays fixed.


I really doubt any of us matter on this site. Such a small group in comparison to what is needed.

We are going to have to rely on… I am unable to complete this sentence.

I apologize but I want to be positive but with Julian Assange, geoengineering and so much more… it’s hard.


First NEVER think anyplace citizens could speak doesn’t matter, it is 100% important for totalitarians to occupy and snuff out all potential sources of opposition. We are in fact some of the MOST important people, it is incredibly important that each one of us citizens is completely neutralized with false ideology.

Forget Assange or any other issue, all issues will be determined only by those able determine them. So who is able to determine them? What set of interests do they represent? Do they represent us? Well then who does? We are important only as much as we might become important, but otherwise we are almost indistinguishable from any other citizen.

Activists all have something in common, they know whatever they want is not representative of the interests of the broader citizenry, this is why they are such shrill totalitarians.


Nobama will walk. He acted with Presidential power through an EO that said it was an emergency. He will most likely never face justice. And the players may walk as well if they are covered under the direction of 44 and acting in a so called “emergency”. How we can demand that the leaks from the deep state should be prosecuted but Assange should walk doesn’t make any sense. But any crime outside of the emergency that 44 did not direct could be something that gets prosecuted. So in the end, as Roger Stone always says, what did 44 know, and when did he know it. That is the key to taking others down, not so much 44 who is protected under presidential powers.


I agree if this does go hot,It won’t be long drawn out affair like the last one. Most leftists and SJWs sit around a play video games and they actually refer to that as “Training”. That’s laughable when compared to Real World Training and Skills. I’ve also seen the videos of their hand to hand training. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad!!
They have absolutely No Idea what they are asking for!
And as soon as they find out what happens in “The Real World” is the complete opposite of what they see in the movies or a video game my guess is they will want to go back home to Mommy’s basement! But that won’t happen until a good amount of them have already had their ticket punched.
My advice to them is quite simple>>> Be careful what you ask for, You may just get it!! <<<


I often wonder if it’s the cataclysm a 'comin.
Cyclical cataclysm and societal collapse, to variant degrees, throughout all of history.
Maybe that’s what all the volcanic activity, earthquakes, and climate change is all about.
And Global Warming is a scam being run by the judas goats who know what’s coming.
Maybe some were promised a place in the bunkers.
What a nightmare.
Either way, being alive on the surface is where it’s at.
If it all falls apart, I pray that good men and women prevail, and the wicked drop dead.

It’s a good time to be strong and balanced, and connected.


I agree 100 percent. :footprints:


Personally, IDGAF if it does!
Let these idiots riot, target practice through “castle doctrine” if they decide to come on your property! Justice for Americans must be served, CONSERVATIVES we are dying off, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year! Our country is going LEFTIST! Soon we will be getting OUTVOTED by foreigners!!! They are sterilizing men, especially White and Black men!
So the politicians can justify immigration, DESTROY relationships by a created sexual divide, because if they can get our women to leave us, because they are un affected by the chemicals that they are using on men, to give them ED and lowering young males sex drives. This is total betryal of natural law and total treason, fuck the DEMOCRATS…they created all this shit!

  1. Since we are lucky enough to be in the Best Country in the World, The USA, why don’t we just figure on things getting weird and be prepared.
  2. Our Constitution allows us this, to protect ourselves, and the nation.
  3. People have to stop believing the news and mainstream media. What is going on, where are these organizations getting all these talking points?
  4. Why is the public still watching tv and ogling sports?
    Nero Fiddled while Rome Burns.


I would NOT be surprised at all…BUT…I honestly don’t give a rats butt…He’s a traitor and he needs to be punished for his TREASON…

These thugs that want to start crap will be dealt with by the authorities IF they did, and we patriots IF need be will also have to get involved if attacked. NO I do NOT want to see any violence…Nevertheless, we can NOT allow Obama to walk free.


Granted I would RATHER pass on any civil war as well…BUT if they bring the fight to us…we don’t have much choice. I would RATHER go down in a blaze of glory then just allow them to murder me without a fight.

That being said, I do NOT believe in STARTING any war Civil or otherwise either.


I dont see that happening. A Civil war as far as I know needs Governments to square off against each other. I believe both parties are criminals and will use any up rising of any side but theirs, to take away rights. A revolution is the only uprising I see possible. But I dont think that will work, unless we have total SHTF. Cant have a revolution or even a uprising with out communications. Every form of communication we have now is monitored by the Government. If a group of patriots decides to get together and take out our criminal government, with the second amendment… they will be called terrorist. Or the Government will infiltrate the group and destroy it from within by using it for a false flag.


We don’t actually need a revolution, it simply isn’t even necessary. In fact it’s the same situation starting a new political party, if you actually were more representative than what existed, you’d easily be able to take over one of the existing parties.

In fact the only way you’d even need a revolution is if you were not more representative, and/or you had physical force preventing you from accessing positions of power. We don’t really have the latter as of yet, and the former wouldn’t be us it would be our enemies.

In other words, revolution isn’t a place we begin, it’s merely one of many theoretical outcomes. However it wouldn’t happen in practice here, because the military would stand with whatever was most legitimate, and thus nothing would prevent the change of power.


Or, how about we just start enforcing the Constitution?


We need real representation to do that, saying that is like saying “why not make the national government we pay for put the interests of our citizenry first”. It isn’t an ideological problem, it’s fixed through organization, not getting the most special person in power.


How do we get real representation?


No it will trigger unbridled enthusiasm. The dems are a minority in this country and this will become evident when most of America will celebrate the arrest of our former Muslim terrorist president. It has been coming for a long time and people can’t wait to see Obama, Hitlery, Comey, Brennan, Clapper all arrested as they should be. the dems may get violent but we are an armed society and the violence will be short lived when leftist commiecrats are shot during their crime spree.


If there is ever Civil War on the streets of America again, could the goverment
actually declare at some point that everyone has to stay in their house to receive
some sort of [toxic] vaccine? Could they say conservatives first, the democrats
next? It wouldn’t surprise me.

  1. If I look at everything that has been going on in the last 20 years, one thing is true:
    We are being ram-rodded into societal change. Obamacare, immigration, voter fraud, solar panels, electric cars, online movies, false premised government regulations propagated by the news media.
  2. The main stream media is continually unchallenged, and still continues to have billions of people subscribed.
  3. We can not trust this enemy of the American People. It this were another country and the news media was doing what they are doing here, what do you think would happen to them?
  4. Notre Dame looks like a false flag diversion, we have Clinton, Stroh, Comey completely busted and this is their diversion.
  5. We Have to Understand that These Felons Do Not Operate on Our Moral System. They are completely removed from morals. Here is an example, they draw frightened children’s blood that has Adrenalin in it and drink it. These leftists planned 911, there are no rules for these people.
  6. Expose Leftists to the world and their money is no good. That is what Alex is doing and that is why these Leftists are trying to take Alex’s income.