Will Tommy Robinson be put to death for journalism?


In my opinion Tommy should be granted Emergency Asylum for both himself and his family in the United States!
I am praying for Tommy and his family and for President Trump to grant him asylum.


I will also say this, I agree with Tommy that the UK has already fallen. If this can happen to the UK and Tommy or Alex it can happen to each and everyone of us ladies and gentlemen.
You’re correct Alex let’s help get this message out to as many people as possible.
And please remember ladies and gentlemen>>
Evil Flourishes when Good People Stand By and Do Nothing.
God Bless you all!!!


If Tommy is not given a way out from this Bravo Sierra he will surely die in prison. This will lead to a Civil War in the UK, it will be a guerilla type just like the IRA did in the 60’s-90’s. Expect this to happen here in the States as well.

We have a slim chance in getting Trump back in, unless millions are actually deported, and the flow of illegals stops. Neither one do I see happening anytime soon, and Reign in Big Tech MSM.

I pray Tommy stays safe while in Prison yet I know he won’t and he will die, and I will be supplying our UK patriots with whatever they need to fight this TYRANNY with.

God Bless and God Speed Tommy I pray to meet you on the other side Mate.


Tommy is going to be the EXAMPLE…
Especially if Trump cant get to him in time…
The English people need to have a civil war to free themselves of their situation.
Tommy will be the catalyst that will save Europe!
We will be forever indebted to his time with us!


For the record, I couldnt imagine being in that brothers shoes, but our day is coming trust that!


If Tommy dies he will be a martyr. I have a bad feeling about this because Trump didn’t pardon Assange.




Sadly I think you’re spot on antifathugs as well as FreedomFighter!! They want to make AN EXAMPLE of Tommy as a warning to anyone else that dare report the Truth!!
And I also believe this is coming to us as well!!
Trump needs to act with his Asylum Powers Immediately!!!


His new video:

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Looks like it’s 9 months, plus credit for time already served.



If Trump would grant him asylum that would be epic… otherwise Tommy Robinson will die in jail this next time.


Seeing how he has no way out of the country (or out of the prison for that matter), it’d be a bit tough to offer asylum at this point.


I pray ,He can pick up his family, and run into the American Embassy, before they get him!


His sentencing was this morning, and the term is typically effective immediately. So there’s no chance on that.

Only elite (such as Cuomo’s buddy for a NYS campaign) get to have their sentences started later.


Well, I am hoping he does what I just said.

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Please Call the White House and ask for Asylum For Tommy Robinson: 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 Or https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact or

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Tommy will be dead in a week or so. His life will be in vain his reporting will be sent to the dust bin of history.

The Magna Carta came out in 1215 and died today 7/11/2019. UK has no more free speech, and it’s population is gone, once it wakes up it will be too late for them. It has now become a Caliphate of Islam and I support Nuking it, to stop the spread of this cancer.

They gave up their rights to have guns, and even having a knife is now illegal.

The UK will not recover from this, as the men will watch footy, fight with opposing fans. Yet when it counts they are asleep, or to scared to stand up against this Tyranny.

I expect 90% of Americans will surrender their guns when told to do so, and will continue to think we have laws in the USA. The Bill of Rights is Dead, so is our Constitution.

Our Borders are wide open, have 14 states that have committed treason and half of the population that wants free shit.

Face Book supporting VIOLENCE against all conservatives, yet Trump will not enact the Insurrection ACT and arrest these Criminals in Big Tech MSM and restore the USA.

Best get Armed best Get Ready for blood to spill out into the streets, it’s on like donkey kong.


The fate of the future is up to the people.


This is indeed a sad day for all freedom loving people. No jury? Blatantly violating the very laws they are sworn to uphold?
I thought it was very chilling what Katie Hopkins said today when she said, Get ready across the pond because this is what they will do to you!
No truer words in my opinion!