Winners of Poster Contest


Great Job to all of you!

First place is ‘Alex Jones Did Nothing Wrong and He is Pissed!’ by MAGA Titan:
Second place goes to ‘Stop The Censorship’ by Zack Mount:
Third place goes to ‘Attention, Konservative Komrades’ by Erwin’s Real News:

The runner-ups are as follows:

‘Infowars Poster Contest: Liberals Tear Down Posters’ by Tony Salvo
‘Infowars Poster Contest Al Gore Lied’ by Thomas Sisca from Austin, Texas
‘Forbidden Information Messenger’ by CF Alex from Utah

Please dont get in this fight just for the glory and incentives. Do it for this nation, and your family…it truly inspires others.


@MAGA_TITAN is brilliant. I love the Alex Jones masks.

Somebody else should get a Hulk Hogan mask.

Then have a Hulk Hogan & Alex Jones screaming contest.


Thank you I appreciate that. I tried to start a meme like that and get everyone to do their best Alex Jones scream on their social media account. Lol I couldn’t even get three people to do it.


I’ve been at work all day…busy day for sure

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I call for a do over.

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