"Witch Hunt Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children"


I guess we have crossed that line, informed consent be damned. Lord have mercy on our country.


Yea, things are probably going to start getting ugly.


As my Mama used to say, “hold onto your teeth.”
It just seems like it is going to get colder and colder before it gets any warmer. I love winters and seasons but this feels like a season that will never end. Kinda like being stuck in Hawaii.

I salute the parents who hold their ground. No more vaccine needles in my babies.


That choice is being slowly and systematically removed. :frowning:


“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” as the wise man says. If only the public understood this. Frog legs are getting warm.


We witch hunters resent disparaging/metaphorical/derogatory references to our profession. It is a noble pursuit, tarnished only by fakers (inquisitors) who were never of our number…and thelogical term-switchers who have hackneyed the term, much like “conspiracy theory”.

“I am a witch hunter AND a McCarthyist…and a priest hunter…in the Cromwellian sense!” -PASTORSAM
And yes, the vaxxers are BAD!

"Your Favorite Quotes" 📖

I don’t “hunt” anyone but I can spot a witch in a crowd of 1,000’s. Would be nice to get confirmation of this “talent” or put it to some edifying use but I’m content with pursuing a quiet, joy-filled, beautiful life where I don’t bother my neighbors and they don’t bother me.