'Wonderful Expressions'


Hate, fear, ignorance (et all) define the wielder, not the target.


Selling fear is a hallmark of evil.


You never know what you can do, until you know what you cannot do. You’ll never know what you can’t do, until you try, try, again.


Wisdom separates boys from men.


Wielding virtue as a weapon, is the surest evidence of its absence.


Cancer is never satisfied.

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If you like what you do. never give up…keep doing it, perfecting it…At your own pace. I paint pictures and at times they looked like cra P. But I look at it real good, study it analyze it to see what I did wrong. Started mixing colors till I. Got it right. I’ve had someone tell me I can’t paint. But don’t listen keep going. (If its something you enjoy doing) its so important to have a hobby that you can do at your own pace. You can do it your way. Same with music or anything. Hobbies are not school they can’t flunk you.


When I was on the job, I would be doing Wisconsin and California medical coding. Split cases. Others just did one job. Some got paid more than me. I felt like I was doing most the work and the job was profiting off It and others. When I paint a picture nobody can take the credit. Its mine with my signature.


That’s the real world. The producers are expected to do double what the rest do, and they consider that ‘fair’. Been there done that.


Ya they take advantage and don’t pay you for it. You would not be live Thelsz. When I was medical coding they had me doing split cases when one doctor leaves in surgery and another doctor take over. I would have to figure stuff out about it (don’t remember it all now). Then we were short of people and my boss and her boss were helping with the medical coding I checked it over then entered it in the computer. You would not believe it, I kept having to give my boss back her work to fix it, for instance if she coded a knee amputation instead of knee disarticulation that is thousands of dollars difference it goes to the insurance company and the the doctor well if its wrong the insurance company could pay the doctor ten thousand more. If they catch the mistake we or the doctor could be fined $50,000 dollars then I get called in the office for not catching the mistake. So I’m sitting here giving my boss who is suppose to know more than me all her mistakes back to fix. It was a joke. I’m trying to explain to my boss a rectocelw is a hernia of the rectum. She thought it was in front I kept saying no its behind. Anyway a lot of people get in positions because they are good talkers. I got another coder mad at me for the same thing. You would not believe how many mistakes go back to the insurance companies from coding and medical offices. Its a joke. I’m a nice person but we are not allowed to change another persons work they have to change it themselves. That was going on all the. Time different types of brain tumors, cancers, surgeries, etc. The medical system is so screwed up. You would not believe it


Welcome to clown world.
In one of my old jobs I was doing the same thing, doing my boss’s job for them everyday. Without any recognition, pay or anything. None other in the same position did. The day I ever didn’t I got questioned if something was wrong. Absolutely sick. When I quit, they had to replace me with three people.
Did they say a word? did anyone? nope.


Funny how there’s a fine for you if the make an error in billing and the insurance company catches it but, if they underpay a charge, you have to appeal, wait, appeal, wait, and appeal to finally get paid correctly…and no fine for insurance companies.


Yep all responsibility for the lowest paid, least responsibility for the higher paid.
Honk HOnk!


Yep, I was laid off one credit job. I cleared credit on businesses and personals. Everyone else just did personals. After I was laid off the assistant manager who was a good friend of the boss was doing my corporate job. My boss called me back to work paid me under the table to fix all the assistant managers mistakes.


Ya I don’t remember all of it now, bit if the insurance pays a doctor 10 thousand more then some how find out it was the wrong amount or even before they pay the doctor they can charge the doctor with fraud charges then it comes back to us. A few doctors would list procedures separate because they would get paid more. When those procedures were all in one code. So I remember the doctor calling all mad because I coded his separate procedures (but in the same surgery) I coded them all in one code because that was the law. The doctor would call mad because I did not code them separate but then if the insurance company catches it they can get us both on fraud.


Were you CPC certified?

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Yes from.school At a medical school trained me. I had not taken the state exam yet until I was trained on the job. They said it Would be better that way. I was listed as an intern at my job. And trained by the coding manager who had coded about thirty years. But then she moved. woman that had But I was certified from Coding school that I took at a medical facility. So I had a coding certificate but not the state exam certificate yet. So I was allowed to code. The manager who trained me was a good coder. The rest didn’t know much what they were doing. I was being stalked for during the time of my intern, I was stalked for a year and a half by my ex, the investigators had to come to my job he was hartassing my job also. So I was advised to go to a shelter by my job and his probation officer advised me to move because he was crazy.


Questions lead to answers, expectations lead to disappointments.


The thing about integrity is, only those who have it can/will recognize it.

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