WTF Sandy Hook parents can sue gun makers!


Alex was right all along.


No children died in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012. The crisis actor parents that took a payoff for being involved in Sandy Hoax DON’T want that law suit to go to trial. If the lawyers representing the gunmakers prove it was a sham…THE VEIL IS OFF!!!


The law suit will be dropped,watch…


it makes no sense they blame the gun not the mental illness and why do we need more gun lawn. im from ct they do talk alot about the sandy hook parents which is way i dont watch local news. so now we can sue a gun maker for any death involing a gun. we need to sign a patition to veto it right away!



So if someone intentionally kills someone with a Chevrolet, or a Hammer, we can bring suit against the Manufacturer? This is going to be a slippery slope, the next step with this one will be to go after the Ammunition’s Mfgr. I live in Ct., I can’t stand it here any longer, the Ct. Legislators are in Session right now creating a bunch of new laws, they’re even going after plastic bags, on WTIC Radio yesterday they said, “Be scared, be very scared”…and they’re a CBS Affiliate! Ct. is also implementing Tolls, almost 90 Gantries. In Ct., the Cities over Vote the suburbs, most of the State is Red, but the urban voters overpower us.


“It makes no sense” to blame the mental illness when it was intentionally done to instill trauma in the lives of millions of citizens while pushing the agenda to remove our right to defend ourselves against the current government abuse separating our families with court orders and killing our kids with our taxes.


Our own elected politicians, left or right…Have chose to open our borders while concurrently disarming us, WTF?


Every parent who has lost a child should go after Sandy Hook parents for superficially trying to dwarf these losses and the real pain associated with parents who loved their deceased children. I mean stomp these morons into dust with real life.


So like are we going to be able to sue gmo and 5g now for cancer now or…


Maybe that one dude can sue the makers of bike locks


Dude, that whole operation was a False Flag, and most likely a hoax. Alex Jones is just saving his ass by saying it’s “real.” I remember going to the FBI website and taking a screenshot showing how there were not deaths in Connecticut according to the FBI. That proved to me this whole thing was a setup - and there were multiple drills going on at the same time. Alex is compromised because he’s so scared of being sued for sticking up to the truth that this was a hoax. Look at Owen Benjamin - he’s calling out the Zionists Jews and the insane Talmud, and Owen is being punished by the SPLC now, and the Jewish Mafia, yet Owen is sticking up to his guns. If more Patriots called out these hoaxes and stood up to their principles and beliefs at what they FIRST claimed (unlike Alex saying he “doesn’t know” what “exactly” happened on 9/11 - LOL COMPLETE BULLCRAP! Steve Pieczhenik already told you it’s Mossad and CIA teams and Christopher Bollyn, as an investigative journalist, already connected the dots to Israel that is CRYSTAL clear), then we would be a united front, instead of falling for these obvious false flags.


Loosen that tin foil c’mon.


You wouldn’t know the truth if it smashed through the window of your rig while you delivering rubber dog turds!!!