Yo check out this new moive




Alex talked about that on Monday.


Also I’ve no doubt it’ll be pulled just like The Hunt.

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I love how all the cuck shit has to do with people on the left but then they make a movie, they do what they always do, projects themselves onto us!

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No, that’s not what they’re doing. It’s in the preview, “Are you going to take the Red Pill? Or are you a Cuck?”.


On a side note why aren’t you using @Texas_T?


Yeah that statement changes nothing lmao


The movie isn’t saying the main character is a Cuck. He’s supposed to be an Alt-Right Vlogger. How is it projection onto us?


Oh he’s not a cuck? Sure looked like it to me, looked like they are painting us with racist shit too. Either way they make us like we are NPCs when thats the left, again. I’m not going to argue this, you don’t agree with me your problem. Don’t arguing on here about the most stupid and petty shit.


JHC, it’s not an argument. I just asked how it’s calling us Cucks. You’re right about the Racist crap though. But they got that from Charlottesville of course. I’m sure the main character is a White Nationalist.


Also you don’t think NPCs are on both sides? People like this guy exist without a doubt. Full of Hate against Minorities & living in an echo chamber telling them how their lives are being ruined by the POC. So again, that’s why I can’t see the projection. I guess I can to a point as of course he’ll be a Trump supporter. But I don’t see the Cuck projection.


I can not tell exactly how to build it, but like a paper air plane, I could tell you the basics and then you could do it your self. You don’t need to know aerodynamics to make a paper air plane. @VRfluxx is Extremely close already. Some how I need to get this in front of Trump at least once, in any way
shape or form, even if he thinks it’s a joke, fraud, what ever. But so far, I don’t think the idea is on his radar at all. And he needs to know, that all our history is recorded in the sub atomic field, higgs field,
and that with a PC, and antenna, can from anywhere tune and see what really happened in the past.
Judgement day is just an app away. MeshRockVideo7


Again your trying to start an argument. I’m not going to argue over a dumbass movie.


I don’t know why you think that. I don’t want to argue over it either. Asking a question isn’t wanting an argument. I pointed out what was in the preview. You LOL at it saying that explains nothing or whatever. But I’m wanting to argue eh. This is the problem with text. People see things that aren’t there.


Wait a tick, was that post about The Hunt from awhile back yours? Now I can see why you’d think I want to argue.


Nope, you had no comment on that thread.


@4LoveOfTheRoad @Trey060 I could use some helpful advice, ideas? How to whistleblow to the top?


They have an email for that I believe. showtips@infowars.com is one but I think they have another dedicated to Whistleblowers.


emailed them for 5 years never got a reply, tried all obvious I think, closest I got was to talk to Nick B on the phone for 3 hrs one day, later that day Trump gave Barr permission to investigate, 2 days later Barr went to AK, I thought to talk to Nick B, but Nick said no not related, and never talk to me again. Seems like I am the plague, once people talk to me, they never want to talk again. I must just be that charming. Or they are scared as hell, and don’t want to be associated in anyway. I don’t know that guy.