Your story, aspersions, goals, dreams, and criticisms


My story is simple in boiled down terms,

I’m not a perfect man nor do I claim to be.

I started my journey in the infowars army as a promoter and a motivator to help people along the way to help them get noticed.

As soon as I discovered discord I started building discord servers to further aid the army in case the comms went down and SHFT hits the fan.

People began to recognize that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work when I create stuff, like videos or discord servers.

It has to be perfect in a lot of ways, kinda pisses people off in ways.

My aspersions is to become a video producer and a graphics designer for apperal since I have a very creative mind.

My dream is to break the back of the globalists in unity with the infowars army and WTFA working side by side because as long as teams stand together for a common goal, my endgame is not about selfishness. I joined to fight for the future because it’s not about me.

During this journey there was a lot of humbling I had to experience as well as the next person. Where we experienced hardships, betrayals, and superiors ignoring the ones who truly make things work.

After thinking that the army was a lost cause I decided to join WTFA in order to show the true potential of the little people working together to not attack Owen, but humble him.

To those superiors we showed them that when we work as a team we can shake and rattle the cages if need be, and even though it wasn’t popular it had to be done to establish communications with HHQ, to set standard operating procedures, to set new battle standards, and our new goal after achieving these victories for the IWA and WTFA is to collectively build an internet bill of rights that would aid and benifit people equally. Which would make INFOWARS the champion yet again in the age of censorship. And it had to be achieved through any means nessesary, I.e psych warfare, memebrigades, Call in brigades, videos, ECT.

This was all about mission to me and always was in order to have the army, WTFA, and the war room work in synchronization which makes us all unstoppable.

It started with 3 and grew to 10 in order to make an impact, now imagine the rest of us going after targets, not to mention the lost infowarriors that left which last I checked we had around 2,000 members.

Whether you join in the fight or not that is your choice however, we as a team proved that it doesn’t matter what people think of us infowarriors, us crazy, misunderstood, conspiracy theorists, we ain’t fucking going anywhere.

Status, vanity, narcissism, all gets run the hell over as long as we stand together.

Only thing is that we didn’t want @OwenShroyer as a test case. I’d rather choose a crooked politician with ties to a rape cult.

Everything we do is from a psychological standpoint. And we can get people to run off the stage in fear of being exposed. Just take a look at Omar Navarro when we ran with @MAGA_TITAN and the proud boys.

One thing to learn here, one singular person is not better than everybody else. As a team, the leader is only as strong as the weakest person.

One question throughout this whole journey I’ve had was simple.

How can we personally say that we’re fighting the globalists when we are fighting each other on a forum?

You take a look at The Young Turds army as ridiculous as they are they had one thing we never had, actual conversations with leadership.

But now that has changed because when we, the Army and the Fucking Ants got tired of being denied we chose to be undeniable on our own terms.

Now that we got through to Owen, we are standing down and getting ready to re-zero on targets worth our time.

Now think of this, everybody has talents.

I saw the sign @Leviticus created for a sign hold, I’m impressed with that design btw.

@NPC deep research he does on topics and politicians is absolutely amazing.

The art @Benoaks, @Pippydop, and @Zor creates is incredible.

The street activism that @Johnboy and the rest of the Huston army helps further the message.

My point is that everybody has a talent. Everybody is good at something. Where somebody has a strength somebody else has a weakness.

Why try to face the globalist system alone when we got an entire army to take them on?

Because we, as a collective group of free thinkers are the real minority as long as we stay divided and separated. However, when joined in unity in fighting for a common cause which is freedom from globalism we are fuckin unstoppable.

I didn’t say anything to anybody about a “vacation” I just took. I went to Denver to not only go to a concert, but to run recon for some ops planned in that shithole.

Still in the works but we got some plans to make mainstream news over it and drive the enemy crazy. Some details can’t be said on that subject yet.

The only criticism I have at this point of the 4 months of hell I went through to get to this point, is to kill the RSS feeds because of opposition, and have walls up around this thing called infocomms. I don’t like telling the enemy everything I got planned for them.

The psychological mind games are over…

And with that, the fighting with one another is over…

We did only what was nessesary to finally address the issues at hand, which was always the end goal…

Now I’m focused on Soros and his gang of satanic turdburglers…

Which if you don’t believe me, just watch David knight’s show tomorrow, which I don’t say that with vanity, but to make my point clear to you that we have an open lane to HHQ.

Bypass bullshit.

establish comms by any means nessesary.

work in synchronicity.

For this is bigger than me. Bigger than us all…

But we are many, they are few…

For it is not I, but we…


Share your Your story, aspersions, goals, dreams, and criticisms here.

Hopefully we can have something good that can build each other up.


“History is the best medicine for a sick mind.” ~Roman historian Livy. I want to save the West via telling the story of this nation. Not a biased story to convince anyone of anything, but to educate. We must tell the story of this nation accurately. We will find compromise and different perspectives played out in history. God bless you all!


At some point I’d like to teach how to play these games with people’s heads, however it’s been something that took decades to learn.


I’ve learned in life it does not matter what people think about you. It matters what you think about your self. People can beat you down, family members can make you feel worthless. But the one thing is that you never never never give up. God had helped me a lot. If you have a goal with passion then you do it. Just think if people work together collectively what they can accomplish.



@Crit1kal I appreciate you sharing and taking the time to provide some insight. Sarcastically but also somewhat seriously I also appreciate that it’s more than just a few sentences :slight_smile:

Cheers brother.



Not just of the short comings, but also of the abilities and skills. None of us are perfect, most of us are far from it and that is what makes us human. Accepting/managing the imperfections as I see it is part and parcel of building upon the talents and expertise.

Tough love is still love as long as it comes from a place of growth rather than tearing down. This being said praise is also a tremendous bridge builder, not just for the recipient.

I will forgo my story, and did you mean aspirations? I have really haven’t thought about personal goals or dreams for some time, and have spent most of my time on a bigger picture. It may sound odd, but if I were willing to divulge more personal things it may begin to make more sense. Lets just say I’ve been alienated since my birth from real connectivity. you all know about the program to break up the family and to compartmentalize society. I really have never really known different.

Perhaps this makes me ‘hard’ to some, but it also can provide a clarity foreign to others. I am focused on a higher power than myself as I have never known any myself. For anything more personal I may elude to it in open, but only acknowledge in private. I have run across elements online that seek to harm on more than one occasion, on different platforms. Although I do not suspect or are pointing fingers at anyone, I am sure those elements have surplus resources and are drawn to places such as this one due to the on-going thorn it must be in their side.

Some of you have spoken to me already and have garnered enough to know much about me already :slight_smile:


Nice to see you again @TheIsz. I will tell my side of things soon enough… Not at this time.


I learn from the best @Bingozee


Its always best to find what your good at. Gives you piece of mind.


Not to get all technical or be a grammar whore… But it’s “peace” just helping you out…


Depends how you interpret it in the meaning…


Yeah I guess you’re right.


I hope you have understood why I’ve also done and said some of the things I have. I want those same things, even if they seem impossibly high to ever reach.

The real globalist system in place is so incredibly massive, far reaching, and entrenched, it really is going to take millions of us working together, to ever get anywhere. To even move an inch against them.

I love this country, and I’ve had family die in every war all the way back to the revolution. I love the West, because it IS the best. No, its not perfect, but only the Creation itself is. It took divine perfection for all of this to exist, but that’s the only place we find it.

Forgiveness and understanding is what we will all have to practice to work together. I really don’t like going at you guys and never did… but it felt necessary to me, if that makes sense. I have a severe distrust of people in general (due to life experiences), and online especially.

The goal you stated is the same goal I have, as I imagine it is with others as well. It may happen one day, or it may not… never giving up though.

Damn Knockout needs to work already…


Things are going to get better from here on out @Vitt. I have some apologies I’ll be telling some of you that probably hate my guts right now. Take it however you wish. I’m willing to forgive I hope you all are too. If not. It’s fine… I wish you the best anyway.


I completely agree @Vitt.

All I really did was show old school psychological games they play on the masses.

It’s important to reconize those same tactics.

Only difference was that I chose to do it in a team building exercise to really show you that one person is all it takes.

These games are all centered around strategy.

But in that same way, if one stands up they may all stand up.

And we see what they have done in China.

Do you want to live under that system?


Goodnight everyone, it’s late for me as it is for everyone here too. Not using knockout though. Would have helped on certain occasions… Never tried it.


Goodnight @Zor


You should get some.


LOL, Sleep is for the Living… come on who even dose that any more… REALLY?! :wink: