You're Fired! Thank You!


All I can say is it’s about time.


I still wonder why he was even hired in the first place. Trump’s wasting time. Of course, he’s in a lose-lose situation with the Senate dragging their knuckles on patriots, while fast tracking globalists.


He was put in the position because of the contacts that he has. Trump sent him in to do a job, and it was completed so he let’s him go. He’s been doing this from the start.


Finally, Trump shaved that NASTY Mustache!

My “Pie in The Sky” thoughts on Trump bringing him and other Swamp Creatures into his Inner Circle is to let them show their hand & give them a chance to be on the right side of History.

Come Trump’s Second-Term, as a “Lame Duck”, he’ll go H.A.M. for The Liberty Movement!!
Actually start Draining The Swamp & Putting America First…

That’s the Optimist in me tho…

Either Way, 2024 needs to be taken very seriously RIGHT NOW.


NOOOOO!!! I resigned! I wasn’t fired!!!

Being requested to resign is as good as being fired, only you forfeited the benefits that come with six months of unemployment insurance.


I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait for the hammer to fall on the deep states head. I’m optimistic about the 2020 run, but I’m still pounding the air waves trying to point out the lefts hypocrisy. Don’t let up folks. If Trump loses so do we.


Rush was making a prediction on his show:

Bolton will become the wisest foreign policy adviser in history, according to the DBM.

I bet, if I went to a leftist forum, they’d be lauding John Bolton like a god. Ever notice how a perception can do a complete 180 based on consorting with the Trump administration? It’s still not about policy, it’s about party.


I’ve been saying the same thing. Weak minds. If Trump likes it, they hate it, and vice versa.

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Not necessarily weak so much as binary. Granted, I’ll give you that minds run much easier when there are two defined paths.


Replacement?? Anti-War Tulsi Gabbard


It’s an interesting thought, but there’s more to the position than Middle Eastern conflict. National Security also includes the border, and didn’t she claim to want it open during the debates?


Yup. She went right in line with The Dems… @FlagDUDE08

Let’s say Trump appoints Oprah Winfrey to National Security (lulz), he doesn’t have to listen to her.
He Runs The Show (Supposedly). If he Appointed Tulsi, he could at least Trust her with The Mid-East, and IGNORE HER on The Border.

It’s an Advisor/Assistant Position. They don’t have any Real Power.

I’d like to see Tulsi go further into The Swamp to find out what she really stands for. Root Out The Rats…

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But what’s the point of having an adviser if you’re never going to listen to that person? You’d be better off leaving the position open and knocking a few thousand off the deficit.



Yea… I mean, ya got me there man.
I Agree! Cut ALL the Fat!

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Heil victory for Trump and his supporters!

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Until the next Deep State, neocon, globalist is hired as National Security Adviser.

Savor the vacancy!


Was there irrevocable damage done that I’m not aware of?


You know what the funny thing is? She might be pandering for the job…

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I’m telling ya man… I mean, Dude.

She could be a good fit for that gig, and maybe Trump can have some Liberty-Lovers sway her a bit on other issues. She seems to have an actual head on her shoulders, which puts her way above any other Dem in my opinon.

Then, she’ll be on the ticket come 2024…

Rand/Tulsi 2024
(I little idea I’ve been kicking around in my Brain)