YouTube - Stephen Crowder - Mass Demonitization Is Here


Once again, InfoWars is tomorrow’s news today. YouTube announced a new policy today on their blog. NY Times picked it up with a “scoop” (typical bs). New policy is mass demonitization of conservatives. Major one is Stephen Crowder. JOIN HIS MUG CLUB NOW! $30/off.

We need a new YouTube and we need one yesterday.

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Crowder might be right about censorship, but why don’t you find out what he did to NGJ, Sven Computer and the rest of his old ‘friends’.


What proof do you have?

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NGJ and Sven Computer’s own validation:

Check it yourself:

For the record, before expecting me to prove what’s already proven, it’s YOUR onus to go educate yourself.
I don’t have enough life in me to prove away every person’s willful ignorance.


Whoa!! I just asked for the proof. I appreciate the link and will check it out. I did look myself, but did not find anything more than a vague reddit post, fyi. You made the claim, so you prove it, shitstain. What’s with calling me ignorant? Are you always such a little prick?

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It’s NOT MY claim sh*tstain.
I’m just a messenger.
You’re the one being a prick.
I owe you nothing, acting like it IS a hostility.
You asked for it, so please stfu.

you’re the one asking for proof, ergo you don’t know. You admitted ignorance. That’s called truth. I didn’t know you were so afraid of your own behaviours.


You are no messenger. Who do you work for then? You made the claim asshole, so provide the proof. What kind of a fucking idiot are you that you can’t grasp that?

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Check the time stamp on the video. it’s NOT my claim. I’m just the messenger.

Your ignorance, and willfully fighting for it?
Is YOUR damage.
Stop acting like royalty, no one owes you anything lil boi.


Jesus what a stupid little twat you are. You make an accusation on a forum (a claim) and then backpeddle when pressed for proof, claiming to be a messenger. Whose message are you delivering then?

It must be lonely living life as a miserable incel, isn’t it?

Only weak bitches get triggered when asked to prove accusations.

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YOur the one running from truth as proven by your own actions, and because you are so scared of the truth it reduced you to a expletive spitting fool

The fact you cannot own your actions proves my words.

Measure anytime son. You raise your hostility to me and i’ll shove it right back down your throat.

You want more respect? Learn how to earn it son.

you are the one reduced to expletives because your feelings aren’t being coddled.
Stop projecting your own weakness.


You are a weak bitch who can’t handle being asked to prove an accusation. That’s all the measurement we need. You showed off your raging one inch to the whole forum.

“Son” LOL

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Not an accusation when it’s proven is it?

Reality will NEVER bend to your butthurt lil boi, cmon, I enjoy putting a mirror up to people too weak to run at truth.

Yep, because son it a good term for infants like you.


I looked for proof and didn’t find any. Why are you pissing your panties just because I asked you?

Fucking hell, how embarassing it must be to show everyone how easily triggered you get when asked a simple question.

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Reply if you want. You’re muted bitch

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You asked expectantly for proof that already existed. what part of I’m just the messenger isn’t sinking in to your addled brain?

Stop trying to script reality to suit your feelings, you’re only broadcasting your own weakness.
I’m not the one triggered, your expletives proves that. And your failure to own your own behaviours proves MY words.
No one anointed you power to project your own weakness.


Spoken like a true beta, can’t handle looking at their OWN reflection.

Anytime you want to get schooled, you know where to find me.


No I just have respect for the forum and have already engaged longer than I needed to with someone who is clearly too much of a little bitch to have a civil discussion. And fyi, I know people who know you personally. And they’ve already confirmed that you are in fact a gay beta that enjoys guys pissing in your face.

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Respect for the forum? Is that what you call your butthurt expletives?

hahaha… let me know when you know what respect means son.
YOu ‘know’ people that ‘know’ me personally?

LOL grasping at straws huh? Thanks for showing exactly how weak you are you can’t even defend your own evil behaviours


Respect as in letting this stupid thread die which you are obviously too weak to do yourself. Go ahead, have the last word fuckboy.

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You’re the one who replied twice and keep replying while I’m the one defending. You don’t get to say that when you’re the one being hostile.

Measure up son.